this article is about 7 First Nation Women of Canada to DeHorn The Chief. Unpresidented but Done

I am not one to stay silent so, Even in Issues Severe as This, Great Spirit there is Racism

As I have been posting, the epidemic of missing or murdered Indigenous Women is far to many. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and wife’s.

Its become way to common and no Judicial Search or open a case done, they just don’t matter.

Many in fear leave the reservations and end up homeless in East Vancouver, a community of homeless First Nation Women. As if the shame and activity wasn’t enough they destroy the homes they make. Its time for Action.​

‘Seeds of Culture’: Matika Wilbur Tells Women’s Stories –

A beautiful tribute to all Indigenous Native Women in High Regard.

Indian Country today a beautiful exposition of The Native Woman in may respects.

This is a real honour for me.