No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

I will never get to a place where some of these officials go. Nothing is of limits, you open a foundation and Billions go missing money earmarked for Earthquake Haiti. No shame, no empathy. Just take and take at any cost.

  1. ​Snowden is he a traitor?

  1.  In closing I know the harm these people have done, and I know this comment has no place in Politics.
  • KARMA a universal power and judge of our lives work and being, only to have it returned to you.

FBI no conclusive evidence that Hillary Clinton intentionally broke protocol. Those 30 k emails sent on insecure servers, even with very secret messages, the prosecutor will not file charges.

Well Expected Such, Nothing being done. Do not ask me what is wrong with America or What is going on. Clearly we are tools or peons in Elitis game of  Thrones.

I know this is Political

  1. No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says:

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Afrikan Black Coalition Accomplishes UC Prison Divestment! | Afrikan Black Coalition

I am pleased to a large entity find that certain issues can be repaired. I am hopeful for Diversion of Funds.


I am proud to announce the  Afrikan Black  Coaltion , for UC Prison ​

This is a  group effort with funds. Objective, arises from meetings of California University research and pressure (lots) from #AdrikanBlackCoalition.

This come from UC Complicity in the Prison Industrial Complex. ABC confirms that the #UC has begun to sell all shares in #Private #Prisons. This is a wonderful response after the Afrikan Black Coalition, announced #UC investments in #PrivatePrisons and a unanimous vote   from the Black Student Unions.

Calling for a diversement from #PrivatePrisons and there financiers. e.g.; you may be a stock holder in Private Prisons from your 401 K. ABC Political Director Joel Haile states.

The Victory is Historic and Momentus. Divesting 25 Million is a good way towards sitting down #PrivatePrisons by #Starving them of #Capital.​


Prisons Corruption news articles: Concise excerpts from highly revealing major media news articles on prisons corruption suggest major cover-up. Links provided to originals for verification.


prison Reform Policy USA ​

General Butler 1040 was recruited to head the Organization with a plot to Overthrow President FDR. They were discovered, the Multi- Billions of money Corporations, that were Fascist, who are still in power, no one was sent to jail for this plot to overthrow Government to which now is an Ogliarchy e.g.;

 For the Elitist and no room for minority’s, hence theyb are systemically arrested and given very harsh justice to remove them from Society  and House them like in a project. 

Only fitting we should be aware of any policy changes or shift in World Banks and Maga-Corporations.

This to is a small portion of the enequities and short comings for the ones who work and are always in debt and behind. 

This is in accordance to master plan, to keep you in debt you will always be a slave in chaines. COMPLETE FREEDOM WILL  NEVER BE OBTAINED., this is a good start to recognize the injustices of American Minoritys especially, black and brown males. A wonderful  propaganda  for Private Prison For Profit.

The Globalist Ten Point Plan to Destroy America – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

My Compatriots we need to Unite.

This is not my sryle , but I do respect Dave Hodges and the Program Common Sense.

I was doing my usual scooping, as all day I have heard nothing but hatred from my tweeter account, ironicly they were made at murderer, but could understand how the gay club asked for it.

I feel I have transcended into a world of barbarians. My view is different then most, in my mind or somewhat active imagination, I am standing outside looking in unable to quantify these warnings or better yet systemic disruption of the minority classes.

Somewhere I feel this is all deliberate, our #Black #Brown #Children killed by Cops, Indigenous Women Vanishing, immigrants dying in masses. 

One man goes to Gay Club and is able to massacre 50 people, it doesn’t click with me. Its a form of diversion while a big plan is on the Burner.

This will be hard to follow for those who have not researched the Globalist The new World Order, now the hated Leftist who are causing everything, honest I have never seen so many people in one Country so Divided and Filled with Rage.

This explains much, but you must really keep an open mind and compare.

I only ask that as Society a Country of many we could find it in our hearts for the better to unite our forces, a Country Divided will Parish.

Thank you ​

Cree language gets 21st-century reboot from First Nation Canadians

A Wonderful Step Forward For our First Nation Family in Canada.

Cree language gets 21st-century reboot from First Nation Canadians

Nothing could please me more then to see my Family’s prosper in there Fist Nation Identity and a Beautiful Spiritual Culture Flourish.
Keep it Up ~Sour​

Malcolm X’s death revisited –

If we are celebrating and quoting the great Malcolm X, we need to know how he died.

I was working on one of my accounts today and a well meaning youth posted Malcom X prayer to Allah.

Fact is Malcolm X did not agree with the self emposed Elijah Muhammad e.g.; the descendent of Muhammed, I question?

Upon Malcolm’s vocal cessation and denial of Muhammad’s  power, new laws Elijah Muhammad invented. Malcolm X could not follow blindly for he thought him mad. 

Remember, this was a highly educated man and used direct practicality along with his flair.

In closing, I post thank you to CNN, and  the two schools of thought. He was definitely assassinated by a Muslim Brotherhood associated with Elijah Muhammed.

Let’s not forget the nosey FBI, who was in everyone’s life and death. I do not like to presume, but I will revert to my usual consensuses it was a dual act or a False Flag to ensight violance. This would open Pandoras box, the token one gun guy goes to jail, the Muslims are hated, and in hope of the black community of retaliation.

How am I doing? I wanted to set this straight, such a man is a great, great loss, and he deserves the respect and knowledge that we should know his end.


K this article is about 7 First Nation Women of Canada to DeHorn The Chief. Unpresidented but Done

I am not one to stay silent so, Even in Issues Severe as This, Great Spirit there is Racism

As I have been posting, the epidemic of missing or murdered Indigenous Women is far to many. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and wife’s.

Its become way to common and no Judicial Search or open a case done, they just don’t matter.

Many in fear leave the reservations and end up homeless in East Vancouver, a community of homeless First Nation Women. As if the shame and activity wasn’t enough they destroy the homes they make. Its time for Action.​

America’s water testing problems must and can be fixed, experts say

An all to minimal explanation of America’s Toxic Water, just to get started please share.

America’s water testing problems must and can be fixed, experts say

Again, GU captures the American Water Crisis of Lead Poisoning. Lack of Regulation Testing and finish removing the Lead Pipes that are exposing us to these Toxins.

There is a cost of repair and a cost of health care to all the children exposed.

Flint also included, I will not go into the Harm of Fracking  in this post.

As we watch our Political Guardian’s loose Billions or Give it away,  this must be addressed. In 1986 a bill outlawing lead pipes went into effect, but what of the ones prior.

It is time we reverse this Extraordinary War Budget and put it into our crumbling Infrastructure.​

Wounded Knee, 1890 – 1973 in photos

A truthfully written facts of Native American History and USA Massacre

Many were killed by Sad to say Our Country!

I ask from my heart as I have done for many. Here is the Facts on Wounded Knee, twice a massacre.

In 1890 and then 1973, in photos. I have a selfish reason for if you would be so kind to inform yourself and others. We can and will file a direct Clemency For #Peltier who is now 70 plus. 


I AM TEYING TO WRITE LESS WHEN I POST: As I am bi-polar, my brain races before my hands and I am sorry for that.

Mistakes in spelling and execution have been made, but I assure all you wonderful Friends, it is with ernest and pure heart that I Post.


Wilmington, Delaware, cops won’t be charged in Jeremy McDole shooting

Is it me or has target practice on black youth and men deployed

Sorry to have to post this, Delaware Cops Won’t be Charged in Jeremy McDole Shooting.