House of Wills, Black owned Business from 1945 to 1955 Haunted @leearango123

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Today we are at the House of Wills a black owned business purchased by John Walker Wills in in 1940.

Lots and lots of activity as House of Wills was first a Masonic Temple, built in 1905.
To German Opera House to a Hospital and Wills Funeral home, purchased by Will 1940.

Built in 1905 by architect Fredrick W. Striebinger, the structure served as a Masonic temple, German opera house and hospital before it was purchase99d by John Walker Wills in the 1940s.
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The HOUSE OF WILLS, a funeral home established in 1904 as Gee & Wills, was, in 1995, one of the oldest and most successful black businesses in Cleveland. It was reportedly the largest black funeral home in the state. Gee & Wills originally opened at 2323 Central Ave. The partnership dissolved in 1907, at which time J. WALTER WILLS, SR., began to operate under the name of J. Walter Wills & Sons.