From the Melanin Cannabis CO-OP COLORADO @leearango123

@Regrann from @leearango123 – Thank you @kunkru8 as a proud share holder of a family co-op in Colorado we are your boutiques and CBD Oil vendors, this is done with great love and care to Mother Cannabis as we have just begun to unlock her healing powers. As a small yet proud parent, we are not sure the FDA is for us. We currently have Phillip Morris trying to weasel​ it’s ugly head in, and we will be right back here product filled with carsinigenic and big pharma and FDA. No, keep feds out of our Medical Cannabis. Brought to you from Melanin Cannabis Growers who respect and love humanity. -co-op 2324 Colorado approved independent. #repostapp🔛 @regrann #Leearango123shareallipost #reposts #leearango123 (@get_repost) #openMelanin –

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