Scalise critical, shooter ID’d as James Hodgkinson | Fox News

Supreme Court Decision.
Police officers cannot be held liable for use-of-force consequences even when they provoke a violent confrontation, the Supreme Court has ruled. The case involved a couple that was severely injured by two California officers searching for a wanted man.
By The Free Thought Project –

We are being attacked not by ISIS, but by homegrown Terrorist.

  1. I am so sorry for these people playing an innocent sport, to be shoot or because you are a republican.IIf​ must add the entire attitude of the United States Of America has changed. I migrated 50 years ago here from Cuba and I do not feel safe here anymore, i not feel like a citizen who has worked her entire life and paid taxes, i feel like I am treaspassing in my own life heIe.

When i started to watch the internalization and the characters attached to the new President, I said out load ‘Coup D tate, the entire “Subtext of this campaign was war” for greed.

Now the Military or “police” have no responsibility to We The People, Its Ok according to the Supreme Court, to attack us, I would call this a Military coup D Tate. 

This puposeful cruel separation of Country has gone on long, there. I am sorry to be all over but it all hit me at once and we are UGlY.

Unknown ~The great measure  of a good Country is how it treats it’s weakest members.

Sorry for my racing thoughts.

Think if you can.