Zen Hospice Project             ( Death can be beautiful)

This article has brought a new light on the act of dying.

It is not separate life and death go together they are one. It is the hardest for. Those who loose a Beloved.

This Hospice stays with you to the end, with if available, closest living and loving humans.

There are those who see the lights and then death bed regrets. Had I worked a job Ia liked, had I loved more, helped more, cared more.

Are now Had I, it is why we told to live a moment like it was your last.


Dying happens.
To all of us.
Yes, it can be sad and messy and powerful and
hard and normal and absurd and
everything in between.


Because dying is part of life.
So many of us think of life and death as two separate things.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the two are connected.

What if the things we cherish most in life were the same things we carry with us toward death? Those moments that make us feel awake. Loved. Human. What if we could live our lives – fully – all the way to the end?



  • ZenHospice.org
  • By. Dr. B.J. Miller