Tim Wise Racism in Media


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I am no scholar, I went to college studied computer Science. Made a good living in what was a mans world. Turns out I natural talent and had to be the best of the men./girls.

 On becoming ill, I had i to slow my pace, business travel, meetings. Happy hours gone. I had HCV Hepatitis C from transfusstion in 1982. As I have done before a new life, lots of reading for I had lost my place in life. I was an undefined human. 

For some unbeknown reason I was approved over night for Harvoni, This medicine cost 1000.00 a pill daily. I have been an experiment for years honestly none have left me well. Each took or turned off a neuron and a piece of health. 

I am unable to find real persons who has been overjoyed. Divine blessing to them, may I add you sound robotic in your experience. Unfortunately mine has not been a dance. Just waiting band watching. I pray you all continue to feel this well. if anyone wants to share please do.