Are The Missing D.C. Girls A Hoax? The Facts Are Clear

Last week, the story of Washington, D.C.’s “missing girls” attracted a great deal of attention after an Instagram post claimed 14 girls had disappeared in the District in 24 hours. It was later established that this statement was not accurate, likely leading many to wonder whether the D.C. missing girls were a “hoax.” While the specific claim that 14 girls of Latina and African-American descent went missing in 24 hours was indeed false, as confirmed by the D.C. Police Department, the fact remains that there still are several missing children in D.C. — and all of them are minorities

Thus, while initial social media claims about the rate at which children in D.C. were going missing were certainly false, they were likely not an intentionally-perpetuated hoax but rather a misinterpretation of information. Furthermore and far more importantly, the fact remains that there are still many missing minority children in D.C. and that their disappearances have not been widely reported on until the recent social media attention derived from the “missing girls” story.

On Friday, the city’s Metropolitan Police Department told NBC’s local affiliate that at no point in recent weeks have 14 girls disappeared from the city in a single day. Rather, D.C. “has logged a total of 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of them black or Latino,” NBC reports, citing law enforcement. As of March 26, police say all but 22 of those cases have been solved.

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eed News points out, New York Daily News writer Shaun King also rebutted the claim:

Rebutted by, N.Y Daily News Writer Shaun king

Agreed to proceed to investigate.

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