Three Underestimated Injuries: #1 Broken Rib(s)

Broke 3 ribs wish to share thank you

Mike Scott, DPT

potential daggers of doom Over the years I have seen many injuries. I have only worked in orthopedic outpatient settings since graduating, and yet I have treated things like Post-mononucleosis Fatigue Syndrome, CAD, and Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. But now and then we see the “little things” like Boxer’s Fractures. This mini series of posts is dedicated to three injuries and conditions that seem little in size but have huge consequences; the first of which we will dive into today.

Broken Rib – I’ve never broken a rib and I do not want to ever break a rib. The current population that I work with fall more often than I was ever accustomed to when in school or after, and they also have slightly weaker bones, and this makes for a mess in the chest. On a scale of 1 to 10, I hear that broken rib(s) hurt a hell-of-a-lot! Typically…

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