Miami Killing Fields | Black Agenda Report –

this is the Florida Common Core try to find some Native or black slaves.

Common Core the updated garbage and lies thought on schools America.

Common Core: PARCC ELA/Literacy Assessments, Grades 6-8 Out Children are in Shock Right Now as they just learned the Big About the big Liars.

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The signal aspect of slavery in the American colonies and then in the United States of America is this: only African men and women were ever subject to it! In its searing flames. The people we now call African-Americans were tempered. What the people of any other racial background may have become had they been placed in bondage for generations is a matter of conjecture, speculation, wild guess. It never happened to any other people.

Our present day social reality cannot be understood looking at a snapshot. What is now is a product of what was before. So it is impossible to understand Black America without an examination of their past. What does slavery do to a people? Certainly it brutalizes them. Physically, there were the whippings and beatings, the castrations, the maimings, the executions. Mentally, there was the forced disconnect from African cultures and history, the rendering of family, the prohibition against learning even to read.

There was no magical transformation from the state of affairs on Jan. 1, 1863 when Lincoln made the mid-Civil War strategic decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation or in 1865 when the anti-slavery amendments were added to the U.S. Constitution. What did follow were violent struggles against peonage and sharecropping, the migration to the cities and a forced entry into the industrial workforce, the civil rights and Black liberation movements. One idiot has written a book called The End of Racism but scores of youth of color lying dead in the streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans and Miami are today’s proof of the lie.

Yes youth of Miami and all over, I speaking to our beloved sons and daughters. last year black on black crime was outragious , insanity, and two babies killed,  By your own guns.

Then the Cop on young black men, began and is still going on. this is every patents greatest fear, for now I beg as an mother and grandmother .

  • Be the Best You Can Be, mischievous ness will get you killed. And my heart goes bout to all mothersvand you