World Leaders Past and Present react to death Castro, I Give My Father, Enidio Diaz Machado Tribute for Following his Passion


In Memory of My Father, Enidio Diaz Machado On Wrong Side but passionate for the Cause, his life as Revolutionary engaged, And Big Lie Freedom Promised.


href=”http://Short Bio In these struggles it surprised the fateful coup on March 10. As militant Orthodoxy increases its activities, relentless combat lameness, his action becomes more emphatic and radical and with Andres Lujan Vazquez (Chibas) which shares the action, on March 11 to place a bomb in
the office post Manzanillo.


This makes it man and action, his skills as a speaker added, is a whip in his Orthodox complaints forum in showing spiritedness and courage.

The rebelliousness of his character, his restlessness and dissatisfaction with the policy of March 13 expose to danger, is already checked and is pursued in the company of Mario Remon and N. Varona moved to St. Louis, in the East, when Fidel assaults Moncada barracks with the intention to join the revolutionaries.

During that Fidel was in prison, there to rest, intense flame that has become the life of Enidio wants to reach all places and thus destroy every vestige of the dictatorship.

Coupled with the purpose of Manzanillo youth prepares for new shares, he is arrested, handcuffed and taken to Santiago de Cuba on several occasions but always maintains a feverish and active struggle.
Ceiba Hollow

A passage of his life is framed in his tenure at the then Central Santa Regina located in Ceiba Hollow and today faithful to his memory bears his name remains in this area for six months in signing an employment contract by that time but continues to carry out his revolutionary activities in secrecy, this occurs in the first months of 1956.

Death of My Father, And saw echoes affect the level Enidio joins rebel groups in Canabacoa place where contacts with the rebels. Return to start contacts, distribute proclamations and fly to Havana where he continues his fight. There was assigned the mission of executing a traitor named Reverito for the implementation of whistleblower assaults together with fellow police station in Marianao on November 8, 1958,

located behind a pole bat wounded by hitmen Ventura , he is captured and later killed. His body was never found.’A towering figure’: world leaders past and present react to death of Castro’


World leaders pay tribute to Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro – video

I am beside myself to read the other heads of Nations pay Tribute this Monster. I feel small, a disenfranchised human. Have I not seen this wonderful leader that a Tribute is waisted spindle.

He had habbit of giving these winded speeches like I mentioned yesterday, and he would articulate, who the Leader of the Month he would blast. Usually America, he had the time of his life After Obama and the Pope visited.

As for the Obama Visit, it was a slap in the face to us, before that embargo would be lifted, as President of the United States of America, he should have demanded the return of all Cuban and American land stolen by the revolution.

Enough of this person, pay all your tributes, make some up and put him to rest in Peace.

I lost my father during these Fidel Castros revolution of lies.

I too will do a tribute to my father the revolutionary who fought for freedom and was killed, for nothing came to be.



Enidio Diaz Machado
Birth As Agosto 22 as 1934
Camaguey , Cuba
nationality Cuban
Enidio Diaz Machado martyr of the Cuban revolution, born on August 22, 1934 in the city of Florida Camaguey, Cuba, son of Juan Andres Diaz Reyes and Ana Luisa Perez Machado.