Cuba’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, dies aged 90

Quote by One of Our Revolutionary Father: ~Jose Marti ~
He who receives money in trust to administer for the benefit of its owner, and uses it either for his own interest or against the wishes of its rightful owner, is a thief.

​This man liked to talk be adulated like Hitler.

Cuba’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, dies aged 90

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  • Author, Rory Carrol and Sam Jones-4:53 Saturday Nov.2 6, 2016

Cuba’s revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, dies aged 90
The comandante overthrew Batista, established a communist state and survived countless American assassination attempts

The man who famously declared “history will absolve me” leaves a divided legacy. Older Cubans who remember brutal times under Batista tend to emphasise the revolution’s accomplishments. Younger Cubans are more likely to rail against gerontocracy, repression and lost opportunity.

  • I am a Cuban, at.age 5, I had to leave my Country, beloved grandmother, and my close family and we never looked back, I am now 58.
  • I found myself and mother, stepfather, and a sister living in a Hotel near Miami Beach, way before it was S.Beach. As an intuitive child I always felt the Country was in Turmoil, divided, and.The Cubans  had been fighting for freedom most of their existance. Most third World Countries have no middle class, you were Rich or poor and that caused lots friction between these entities.

Although Cuba was an advanced Country Filled with Music,.Casino, most beautiful 

  • My view as I lived it age 5:

They were for the mobsters and very rich vacationers from Europe and US. I will comment I do not know much of Batista’s Dictatorship but he catered to  US Companies like Bacardi, Nestle, was a great part of the infrastructure.

It would only be natural that a power struggle, and uprising would be brewing. ‘Enter Fidel Castro’and the youth. I have relatives who fought in the Siera Madre, Fidel’s Camps, and in 1959 they ran out of hills to over throw Batista’s Government. “Hunger Leads to Unrest’.

  • Education for all
  • Food rations
  • United country
  • The removal of all Gringos (USA)
  • Endless Socialistic style promises

Turns out, there is little socialism, it moved to Communism then the final stage ttotalitarian. I have heard the youth here say he was a vissionary, ahead of his time. You live it and come back to me.

The only mission Fidel had was (I Fidel), how much can I steal and put into Swiss accounts. How many can I murder knowing they are innocent, put do not agree. I will not go into the horror and murdering spirit of Fidel. I can say E.g; One of these missing souls, which were many was my biological father, went out never to be seen again, so this was the norm. “The Commite de Defensa,” were the neighborhood watch for military relationship  of snitching, every neiborhood had a few. If they did not like you, they snitch lies.

I will comment, that Fidel was never really anything, the real communist was El Che, don’t get it wrong, he too liked blood. 

  • So his Legacy; Cuba had the most magnificent architecture, Museum’s, 
  • They are being held up with wood, hunger nothing to buy, of course the embargo did this. But do not get cought stealing a chicken, you think we have Mass Incarsertion, we do. Cuba has no preference except the Political Prisoner, who never cared for politics.

We do love Cuba our long lost Country, we shall see next episode will Bring. I have and Idea.

  • Dedicated to my Biological Papa

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