DN! Who is Kelcy Warren, the Texas Billionaire

How Much Money do You Need and at What Cost?

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He is also a.Folk music fan and the powexr on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Kelcey Warren is also the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Bloomberg has discribed him “among America’s new shale tycoons”.

He is worth 4 billion and has become a mayor donor to Republican Party.D during election Cycle he gave 500,000 to Super PAC, backing former Texas Governor, Rick Perry.
Read Sue sturgis, Editorial Director of Facing South. Link for her recent piece.

The Actors are, Donald Trump, the State of N. And S. Dakota, and Gov. Greg Abbot from Texas, who graciously appointed Warren to the Texas Park and Wild life Comission.

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    Be clear when you start reading where all these palms get greased, there so many that I think this man is buying his way through Government. E.g.; ironically this man had a ties to the Cherokee Community.

Source, Democracy Now
Sue Sturgis of Facing South