Violence is Escalating in Standing Rock.

Summary, I can say we seem to have given permission to all Big Private Companies to Hire Security. This security is very special. We have ex-military most ops. 

They been to Iraq and the Gulf to protect oil. To Nigeria, to Ocean Rigs, Afghanistan and so much more. read you will be shocked at what has been unleashed on Civilians. This would explain the @blacklivesmatter @NativeAmerican attacks.


E.g.; I truly recommend these articles, this is turning into a war against unarmed humans, and we as Humanity must put a stop to this and remove all these murdering mercenaries from United States of America. Civilians are not elite combat trained. I will look for bill signed into action, I believe by Obama. This is outrageous or we Are or we are not, some of us need to prep. SHAMEFUL AMERICA MY COUNTRY WAS NOT THIS.

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except, Fracking,  never hurt the population, these off shore bankers, LLC , Pay no FED Tax are freeloaders to We The People. Then the element that comes with them from the Camps for mentioning to the retired armed forces. Do nothing for us hiring locals 50 men here. ​

The most popular is G4S hired by BP, dubbed (Chaos Company) via Vanity Fair 2014. These are the guys they send to the stickiest situations.example,e.g,; In the Niger Delta for Chevron. Assisted in oil worn torn Nations. it’s a OPs

Author, Steve Horn is a Madison, WI-based freelance investigative journalist and (Research Fellow at DeSmogBlog,)​

Indian news where this piece first appeared​

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