5 Myths About Keystone XL, Debunked

What to do when they want to steal your land?


Keystone Before, and after 


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  • Mediamatters
  • Author Jill Fitzsimmons

Take a look at the truth or reality of these oil pipelines. And don’t let them psyops you on all the good and jobs, keystone hired 50 Americans.

The land dies after one of these disastrous greed for self projects. And all of a sudden you become a boom town. All kinds of strange people gather in an area for them.

You do not know who they are, where they came from, overnight, partying and drinking begins and it consumes your youth.

Impact and demand on scenario 

All photos and graphs are from Think Progress, christian Monitor, and Contributors;

Excerpt, Michael Levi, Council on Foreign Relations: “Since oil is traded on a global market, the effects of volatility are reflected in the price of every barrel of oil regardless of its origin. This problem can be addressed only by making the U.S. economy more resilient to oil price swings, which includes — most significantly — lowering total U.S. oil consumption.”
Energy analyst Chris Nelder: “Increasing efficiency is going to be a far more productive policy tool than increasing supply.”
Economist Severin Borenstein: “To fix the problem, we just need to use less oil.” [Media Matters, 2/23/12]