Corporate tax dodging costing US billions in annual income

If I knew they would stop now, I might relax a minute. These day with N. Dakota pipeline and other parcels selling or leasing to Big Oil, clearly we can see by example they will not cease @Nodapl



Bernie Sanders Message …Notable Corporations that pay nothing in Federal Income Taxes.

  1. Excerpt, Big Multinational Companies that shelter over seas.profit from Federal Taxation cost US economy more then 100 billion a year. While with holding  1 Trillion Collectively.

    Excerpt, source of subject is an anti poverty group Oxfam America, published  analyzed reports of 50  of the Largest US publicly traded companies. One example: is the one of the Behemoths such as Blank and.Blank,  engage in tax havens that cos US 112 Billion annually.

    Source, CNBC 

    Author, Javier E. David, senior editor