Parents Arrested for Abuse of 4 yr Old who thought her Name was idiot-April is Child Abuse Month please be Loud- NO More

I am tiered with all this abuse and how unprotected our children really are. We life in Sexual predators neighborhood, these men should never be allowed out.


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April is Child Abuse Month I ask that as concerned loving humans we make noise. this will no longer be tolerated, this particular case, this child thought her name was idiot.

  • Child abuse encompasses many forums, Corrupt Family Court, Removal of a child or separation of parents or parent.
  • The father is usually never considered thus causing years of court. Divorce that get ugly also a form of Child abuse.
  • To add that most of these abusive actions are taken first without conclusive evidence or a bias, it should be a person Educated with a PhD, with removal last, last, resource  to consider these actions.

The overworked, underpaid, not educated in this field workers should not be allowed to decide.

~Native American Quote~Children are a Gift from Heaven~

  • SCOURCE :CNN.Com US ~author~ AnnieClair Stapleton
  • News editor and producer
  • New York NY