Canada Gas in Color

I agree but it’s cold I am a Caribbean gal. To be blunt it might be our only resolve .
Can’t wait

Photos by Emilio

DSCF5319-HDRSo, in advance of our imminent emigration to Canada, (because, as any of you who know me also know I do not like Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton) we are on the road to investigate our new home country. Cordially invited by Sue and Dave Slaght of Travel Tales Of Life, (though I am sure they were only half serious and we did not confirm our actual arrival date) they will probably be in another country swinging off grapevines or whatever (read about some of the places they have been and some of the things they have done on their blog, as linked above). One bright, cold morning just before the sun rose over Mount Assiniboine we stopped just north of the American border to fill our gas tank. Imagine our surprise to discover that there was actually a market for Indian jewelry in Canada. And that it was wholesale to the…

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