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As I am taking a break from what I
feel are two movements very dear to me. I must give them time to ether come around or after all these years, I feel empty.

  • So get ready Mother Earth I am coming, I will try my best with in my means to make them see that no sane Humanity would do this damage to there own Planet.

Propublica, will be showing us America’s Top 10 gas drillers and the revenue they aquire.  This forum for getting revenue is far over extended and the damage in most places, especially Urban America is irreversible.

















  • the securities and exchange commission are probing whether gas companies have exagerates their reserves, and have adequately disclosed the risk to investors, from drilling potential environmental Damage.
  • New York  Attorney General Eric Schniederman, has requested similar information from other companies. Issue is Natural Gas Production has grown steadily in the United Statessincee 2006. Reaching new heights this year. But who are the leaders in this Burgeoning Field?

A list has been compiled of the 10 Top Drillers in the Country, ranked by their daily natural gas production and pulled together some key facts about their daily operations.

  • Production has come from drilling into schale formations, which provide 23% of the Nations gas according to the EIA.

Some accidents, the company was a minority owner in BP Macondo well, which exploded last year killing 11 humans and spilling more then “200 million gallons of oil” into the Gulf of Mexico.


The production numbers are from the Natural Gas Supply Association and reflect the average for the first half of 2011.

  •  Look at executive compensations 2010: below in each company.
  • Correction (9/6): The story originally said
  • More then 90% of Devon’s U.S.r eserves are in natural gas, it’s actually more then 70%.
  • Revenue figures are from companies annual reports and reflects total revenue from all sources, not just gas production.
  • Compensation information from Forbes and Bloomberg business week.

Author: Nicolas Kutznes has worked in many publications one being, The New York Times.G raduate of U C Berkeley Journalism.

Except: next articles will  be about locations and damages currently caused.

  • North Dakota Oil Boom bring damage along with prosperity. The booming production has brought a flood of toxic waste to N. Dakota. Energy Companies reported more then 1000 releases of oil and waste water last year alone.
  • Canada home of record Fracking. While furious debate on Fracking wages in the US. The controversial practice has extended across the border, British Columbia and Alberta have offered incentives and loosened regulation.
  •  FEDs finally linked contamination of water to Fracking for the first time. EPA investigating.
  • Energy Dept. Panel warns of environmental toll of current gas drilling practices.
  • EPA plans to issue rules concerning the Fracking waste Water.
  • Underground gas pipelines are a big business and lightly regulated.

Dr. Ask New York to study Health impact before allowing Fracking.

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  • This only leaves me wondering where is all this oil? Where are Any benefits for U.S.A. and why a war in Middle East?  T
  • he destruction of our Planet?

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