Draft 2: Albert Einstien- And Influences of Gandhi in Albert Eistien and Dr. Martin Luther King Photos to go with Original Post 

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    His Obituary ​

    ​Accepting the Noble Prize

    ​​Famous Physics Calculation​


    Wonderful Video From PBS Home on people who knew Albert Einstein.

    Albert Einstein 

    In 1931 Albert Eistien wrote to Mahandas K Gandhi, to express great Admiration for the the Indian Leader Methods.


    Aticle : from OpenCulture.com 

    Author: Josh Jones is a writer, scholar and musician. He recently completed a dissertation on Land, Literature and labor.

    I also would like to show that Dr.Martin Luther King was also influenced by Gandhi. All great men of Peace Resistance Movement.

    Source of influences on Dr. Martin Luther King.


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