Paris attacks inquiry finds multiple failings by French intelligence agencies

With all due respect the powers that be in what is our security USA. Are wasting precious time on people who simply are not happy with Gov. Which by the way is one of our amendments.

  1. Paris attacks inquiry finds multiple failings by French intelligence agencies
  2. This what we hear each and every time, they were a person of interest, we knew, and no clue. Now seems to me all these Country’s must be highly prepared since 9-11. 

I also noted that much time is wasted following persons of interest, because of a word or a Government Slur. I must remind everyone of the FBI Hoover, he spent so much time looking for communist and files of extortion. He did not listen when it came to the Safety of our Country. (Pearl Harbor ).

First thing you learn in any equation is Pick Your Battles, our citizens or your 100 of proganda on every social Media recruiting the young. And I can tell you first hand I block 10 a day and 20 come up. Also these  Nazi people who live, in unknown who owns large compounds land, where they refine there expertise of attack. 

I believe this occurring everywhere and the word used for the death or hurt of civilians is Collateral Damage. Other words we are dehumanized and should feel proud when one of our own gets blown up going about daily things. It does sit well to be or collateral damage in this forum. I simply dispose the word.

Thank you so much

By; Guardian News