Watch “Imagine – John Lennon (Original video with lyrics in English included)” on YouTube

I have always claimed I was born a hippie, I do not believe in mans war for greed. Thus, I find myself as always misplaced here, any day they will come for me. I understand nothing. Peace be our Soul

YouTube Amazing John Lennon’s ((Imagine)). One of my dreams for us all.

Imagine there no heaven and no religion too, no one kill or die for, its worth the moment of the Utopian Dream.

Well as I have decided I am ether the stupidest person in Computer Technical History ever blessed these links, all links really.

I spend my morning looking for who my browser is, seems each program has a different browser or censorship. Example: Video above was not approved in a certain social media, and embraced by others.

At times I feel like little fingers are managing my keyboard,:I have to be given a certain password, and to not know, who what, when or where one stands is very mysterious or again, its me! 

Let conclude, I am not computer worthy, I do not want to write a thesis, in HTML, I want to be able to work on reposting and my friends and my opinions. When did this become so hard. Are we not in Social Network.

If anyone know a preschool computer 101  place, graciously share, I am begining to take it personal. If anyone has an idea of what money’s I owe kindly email or post here.

Sorry to bring such what sounds a miniscual issue, but it has become a big issue.

Namaste to all Peace and Love

I am not always looking for fault’s in our Society, I am just a person who can not understand Humans right now.