Afrikan Black Coalition Accomplishes UC Prison Divestment! | Afrikan Black Coalition

I am pleased to a large entity find that certain issues can be repaired. I am hopeful for Diversion of Funds.


I am proud to announce the  Afrikan Black  Coaltion , for UC Prison ​

This is a  group effort with funds. Objective, arises from meetings of California University research and pressure (lots) from #AdrikanBlackCoalition.

This come from UC Complicity in the Prison Industrial Complex. ABC confirms that the #UC has begun to sell all shares in #Private #Prisons. This is a wonderful response after the Afrikan Black Coalition, announced #UC investments in #PrivatePrisons and a unanimous vote   from the Black Student Unions.

Calling for a diversement from #PrivatePrisons and there financiers. e.g.; you may be a stock holder in Private Prisons from your 401 K. ABC Political Director Joel Haile states.

The Victory is Historic and Momentus. Divesting 25 Million is a good way towards sitting down #PrivatePrisons by #Starving them of #Capital.​


Prisons Corruption news articles: Concise excerpts from highly revealing major media news articles on prisons corruption suggest major cover-up. Links provided to originals for verification.


prison Reform Policy USA ​

General Butler 1040 was recruited to head the Organization with a plot to Overthrow President FDR. They were discovered, the Multi- Billions of money Corporations, that were Fascist, who are still in power, no one was sent to jail for this plot to overthrow Government to which now is an Ogliarchy e.g.;

 For the Elitist and no room for minority’s, hence theyb are systemically arrested and given very harsh justice to remove them from Society  and House them like in a project. 

Only fitting we should be aware of any policy changes or shift in World Banks and Maga-Corporations.

This to is a small portion of the enequities and short comings for the ones who work and are always in debt and behind. 

This is in accordance to master plan, to keep you in debt you will always be a slave in chaines. COMPLETE FREEDOM WILL  NEVER BE OBTAINED., this is a good start to recognize the injustices of American Minoritys especially, black and brown males. A wonderful  propaganda  for Private Prison For Profit.

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