racism & casteism

Thoughts on Racism and Casteism



This is very sensitive topic I don’t want to go deeply on this topic.

Here are my simple question’s to those people who do racism and casteism.

1)Do you research?who’s effort is there behind the product while buying anything from the market, especially food items. It does not mean that the effort behind every product is from these people(the people whom you treat as inferior)but there may be chances.

2)If you do racism/casteism in all the field then why don’t you do the same while buying things, no doubt there will be directly or indirectly involvement of these people during the process of product,it may be food items , accessories,clothes, or anything which you buy.

You don’t dare to do the same in this case because it is the question of survival. In case if you do so, there will be a day, you people…

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