Behind the Gold Curtain of Donald Trump’s Résumé –

Being an American these days is exhausting, nothing is as it looks.

I have always been curious of Trump and who are the people behind the Golden Curtain.

This article will lift some of that mysterious veil. I will tell you this they ate extensions of what we know under pseudo names, I followed a few and the the end is always the same.

I found it actually humorous, when asked why Trump, several of these multi-billionairs don’t know why! How can that be, they claim he will get his boat legs once he has been on the water. I just can’t swallow this andnI won’t.

The claim is they supporting a wealthy man, who knows his way in business acquisitions. Has anyone seen Mr. Trumps Portfolio? I assure you he is brighter a good business man or has many acquisitions under his belt.

His property’s have had to close or quick sale, no more Casinos, New York property address, Nada in all respects he has bombed in most of his investments. He is a Brand, e.g.; sells his name for a price. 

I hope you find this as interesting and yet Alarming as I have.

Thank you