Malcolm X’s death revisited –

If we are celebrating and quoting the great Malcolm X, we need to know how he died.

I was working on one of my accounts today and a well meaning youth posted Malcom X prayer to Allah.

Fact is Malcolm X did not agree with the self emposed Elijah Muhammad e.g.; the descendent of Muhammed, I question?

Upon Malcolm’s vocal cessation and denial of Muhammad’s  power, new laws Elijah Muhammad invented. Malcolm X could not follow blindly for he thought him mad. 

Remember, this was a highly educated man and used direct practicality along with his flair.

In closing, I post thank you to CNN, and  the two schools of thought. He was definitely assassinated by a Muslim Brotherhood associated with Elijah Muhammed.

Let’s not forget the nosey FBI, who was in everyone’s life and death. I do not like to presume, but I will revert to my usual consensuses it was a dual act or a False Flag to ensight violance. This would open Pandoras box, the token one gun guy goes to jail, the Muslims are hated, and in hope of the black community of retaliation.

How am I doing? I wanted to set this straight, such a man is a great, great loss, and he deserves the respect and knowledge that we should know his end.