Tribes struggle to survive in Borneo

The Death of A Culture, the Death of a forest.

Tribes struggle to survive in Borneo

These are very much the last hunt and gather Nomadic Tribes in the World.

They know no time, age, do not know what they look like. It the true Natural Man Exsistance.

i.e.; -Although the Penan still fight for their land, large corporations continue to clear forests for logging and oil palm cultivation.

At this people are catorgorizing their Language as they know every plant name and use. 

As I will add:, the Deforestation is running them out of there only known life. The Borneo Government have given the Corporations, land to Harvest and Destroy. 

These people who are the last of there culture, comment that this is deforestation at its worse. No time is given for the forest to gain strength and they return to the same area time and time again.

They claim or fact, the entire composition of natural forest and animals changes. The tress are weak, the canapy looses foliage, thus not the able to use as a Giant Umbrella. 

I am so sorry that we continue to destroy for gteed .‚Äč