Language learning and Deaf Children in Morocco

Prison Deaf Children of Morrocco

By Jean F. Andrews

In his book, Literacy, Culture, and Development : Becoming Literate in Morocco, Professor Daniel Wagner (1993) describes the complex language learning contact situation of hearing boys and girls in Morocco. Deaf children are no different. They too are born into a complex language contact situation where their  hearing families speak one of several Moroccan Arabic and Berber spoken languages. Then when they go to school they learn Moroccan Sign Language (MSL), Modern Standard Arabic, and French. So, they learn several languages as well as 2 scripts–Arabic alphabet and the Roman alphabet.

English: A flag of for the Arabic language, in... A flag of for the Arabic language, including the four Pan-Arab colors. Note: This is the 1917 Arab revolt / Hashemite dynasty flag.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While literacy is a priority, a first step is to get these children into classrooms as about 85 percent of deaf children in Morocco…

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