The Story of God with Morgan Freeman – National Geographic Channel


Please note: This is an amazing series of Different Beliefs. It is not a #CometoGod moment.

We will look at Guatemala’s
Mayan blocks of time, they had contention that they. New review shows they clocked the series of renewal in increments of 400 years and on and on. They would celebrate the renewal.

This journeys through all different beliefs, especially the 3 largest in the Globe, how did we become a one God Believers, we must go back to Egyptions times, or Visit the Sect of the City under the stone Hedge.

The Hindu have millions of God’s, yet every family Picks one deity and it is an ancestral passage of the Deity, but the beauty is you are allowed to pick your God.

The Navajo show us a lovely passage from Young Girls to Puberty. So beautiful a ceremony please Watch.

The Buddhist belief is that we are in a constant renewal and we must first find the God in our souls. As you know Buddha was under a tree contemplating his being a prince yet so empty.

Joel Olstein, shows a friendlier more approachable God. And he has filled the Room with 10 k followers.

The Oldest City In Muslim World is Cairo. They take us into a Musk, Islam creation was with a big cloud of smoke, the moment of creation.

Aboriginal people of Australia, the Arundes believe in Creation, it takes place in the dreaming when the Sky Gods Who lived in the Milkey Way  created a cradle, and a Star Baby Landed on Earth. This too can be collaborated by science and an asteroid.

Catholic Church no longer views Genesis as the book of Creation. We meet a scientist in the Vatican, who claims the Creation vs The Big Bang Theory was a Priest.

You will see different ideas of were we come from and creation  Story’s, but many sound very much alike.

And lastly, the neurosurgeon from USA, who set out to prove the Near Death Experience #NDE all over the world to enlighten, how our brains can #Trick us.

He shows baseline Experiments with 30 Candidates and himself, to map the brain and the frequency that sustains the trick of the mind. Your brain maps and he replicates what shuts down, very good point here. He also replicates the hoovering above your body experience.

What we should come away with in this life changing series, is hopefully that the Fiber of Life is actually much more familiar then the Theory’s.  Know yourselves and find your peace for all.

Except: meaning of word Apocalypse is in Greek Removing a Vail, and renewal.