Some Possible Ideas for Going Forward

This is just a rough plan or choices for us to move Forward and Demand Change, it’s time for new objectives.

I have been researching for a proposal from known Academics and Global Response. This is just a point of one of the better insights and solutions in writing.

I do not post this as if it were written in stone. Our new Proposal is a living, breathing entity, looking for our input to a positive solution and platform to begin from.

As I pointed out last post, I feel this overwhelming details and leaks are, to maintain those aware chasing the dragon and there will be no solution for bits of Intel.

Keep in mind, the enemy who has been at work since the beginning of time. Rats, and when you see one, I assure you there are 500 you do not see.

Should continue to get Intel of course, we have an alliance with a group that is outstanding. Is it time to take next step? I say yes, this is a draft of what could be.

Thank you

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