Obama’s Iran Deal Is a Fraud & Congress Begins Investigation

Could we have fallen for another nefarious act of Overwhelming Leaks to take us of track?


I read this, and so much more revealed. I believe in most of these back door agreements.

But I am Leary, of this emense amount of Intel and leaks at once. I am also aware this regime e.g USA these days. Is the best PsyOps controls all.

It is my experience they know exactly what they are doing. It is my belief this is a forum of controlling those who are aware. They feed us crumbs, we expose, then more and more, into an endless loop of little nefarious truths.

Einstein Quote: Insanity is Doing the samething over and over, expecting a different Result.

Should we find a place in time where we have exposed enough? I know this is a strategy, and it is working.
We are very busy exposing, and not being aware?

Just a thought..Today