A C.I.A. Grunt’s Tale of the Fog of Secret War – NYTimes.com

The War that Never Was “The Fog”


This a peek into one of many Secret Wars. This a so called minion who worked for the I.C.I.A and is opening up the facts or the Fog.

Many of us know that we were at war in Afghanistan, was not announced.

It was mainly because the Russians, were in Afghanistan, and Highest Power forbid we loose Afghanistan. ???

President Carter had much to do with this. All the while, I would say, he did not go to war.
Outcome e.g. familiar we trained villagers and rebels, the Russians retreated, smart move.
There we were announcing a war on Taliban, who we trained.
I can’t say enough of this form of warfare, and training enemies.
Thank you

Here is the truth as I said this started in 1984. The real Secret war. I wanted to show an example of our Psyops.

Youtube video Afghanistan 1984.